The Tailored Shirts

Something has happened recently that has gotten me thinking. Over the past few months, I have had a flood of new ideas come to me. Some in deep thought, some from watching something or listening to something, daydreaming, ideas from other people, but all of them have been something new and fresh, but not all have worked out like I had hoped. And through talking with a friend on Facebook tonight I have begun to re-realize the simple truth that not every idea is a tailored one.

This is one of those lessons in life that I knew in my head but had to walk through to gain something from it. The tailored ideas that happen in your life, you know, the ones that feel as though something eternal and spontaneous have collided and not only does it create something beautiful but it fits you like a tailored button up shirt, and feels just right. I have been fortunate to know that feeling on a few occasions in my life, and I say fortunate because I know some people who have waited their entire lives on earth for the desires in their heart to come to fruition and fulfillment. It has happened a few times for me and I have reason to believe that it’s happening again.

Over the last few months I have taken on quite a few different projects. One was, the starting of a unique note card business, another was to establish a fact-based political website, on top of a slew of numerous little ventures and ideas. Let me make one thing clear, I actually believe it is healthy to dream and to pursue ideas; but equally healthy is understanding that not all of them are meant to be chased. Do I regret going after any of them? I don’t know about that, maybe one or two, but really only regret knowing that I might have saved some time and energy if I could have found my peace in the Lord and held onto trusting Him.

There are certain ideas and opportunities you will encounter in your life. Some of these things will turn out to be bad ideas, and some will be good, and then a very select few will be perfect. It’s incredible when an idea or thought comes into contact with your desires, dreams, and DNA and then creates life. When it’s something tailored, and not just another baggy imitation shirt, it’s more than just incredible, it’s supernatural.

If the baggy shirt doesn’t fit, just get rid of it. It’s ok to fail! I don’t enjoy failing or being wrong any more than the next person, but it’s going to happen, and it really is ok. I FAILED! I MESSED UP! Maybe it’ll help you just to say it out loud and get it over with. My regret doesn’t lie within pursuing some things that didn’t work out, it lies within the fact that somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost my peace in the process.

Now, many of you know that I have a deep love for Ireland. Well recently I got into what I didn’t know would be a divine conversation with some friends, and an idea was given to me by someone else speaking something. The moment the idea left her mouth, it sank into my heart and my head and I haven’t been able to shake it. “You should take people to Ireland. You have such an infectious passion for that place, I know people would want to experience it.” So now I am acting on it. It’s one of those rare occasions where the beginning of something great has begun. I certainly won’t sit here, write, and pretend to know all that it entails or encompasses, but I know it starts with a trip.

So, come September 1st. 2011, I will be off to Ireland for my second time, and this time I am leading a tour to the Emerald Isle called ‘The Wonder Of Creation Tour.” This is more than a vacation, it will be an encounter with the Creator God, and an encounter with pure joy, fun, and refreshing. It will be an opportunity to sow heart-filled worship and prophetic destiny into the soil of a land that has become all too familiar with and plagued by religion. I know that I have a crazy passion to see this happen, a passion that I’ve only felt a couple times in my life, and so I will pursue it knowing that the hand of the Lord is at work.

Wow… I just realized how good it feels to have a tailored shirt on again.
It’s been a while.

For more information on the tour I will be leading and how you can be involved, visit our Facebook page:
The Wonder Of Creation Tour Facebook

Enjoy the promotional video we just finished for the tour.


~ by cotysloan on April 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Tailored Shirts”

  1. Very good sir, I like this blog a lot.

  2. All very true statements. You are such a dreamer and I admire that about you. It is a rare occasion when a person doesn’t make many mistakes before finally walking out a piece of their destiny.

  3. Thanks you guys. I know most people don’t do anything with their ideas and dreams, and they always stay that way, so in that regard I’m thankful that I’m willing to go after things but, I just want the best of the best because those things in my life have not only been the most rewarding and meaningful, but they have also been the most fruitful. Those are the things I want to pour my time into.

    Let’s all keep on running!!!

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