Without The Power, You Have Nothing

It was a quote that a professor at Christ For The Nations Institute once said during class, and a form of it has stuck with me ever since. He said something to the effect of, “If the power of God can not be released in your church, you have nothing.” A light bulb went off on the inside of me that only added fuel to the fire and passion on the inside of me to see the church become a vessel that the Lord might use to demonstrate His power, His love, and His glory to the world.

Let me tell you a few things about myself that pertains to what I want to talk about. 1. I have an immense love for the church in America. It’s a love that doesn’t make logical sense which means that it’s spiritual, but I really love the body of Christ. 2. A large part of my life will be spent serving the body of Christ. Although I can’t give you the 10 year plan of how that looks, I know it’s true. 3. I am completely and utterly embarrassed by the state that the majority of the church in America is in. There we go, now that that’s been said, allow me to continue.

Perplexity is flaring up again at the thought of a church that serves a God who has no power. I’m sitting at my desk writing and as I’m doing so I am going back through the history of churches I have had the opportunity to worship and and play music in over the past six years. They are Christian churches all over the United States, some new, some old, some large, and some very small, all different types of denominations; but I have loved each one. I have loved them differently I’ll admit, but there was still a love in my heart for each and every one.

Currently, I am part of a ministry called Firestarters that is a very artistic, creative, and sometimes misunderstood. While some don’t understand us, others have a deep love for us, but one thing I value is, that despite our flaws we do our best to make sure there is always room for the Holy Spirit to come and move in power. Now, because of this there are certain people who are embarrassed by us and by how we do things. We believe in prophecy that encourages and provides people with hope and we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that comes with the evidence of a prayer language that not only strengthens the spirit man but changes the atmosphere.

We play spontaneous songs in worship that have the potential to supernaturally speak more life to a person than a 1,000 self help books could ever hope to accomplish because the Holy Spirit saturates the sound. We have the understanding that Jesus is still healing people of every type of illness and disease. He did more than provide a person with the encouragement to keep taking what the doctor prescribed and put their name on the prayer chain, and send a “thinking of you” card. So why shouldn’t we? (Don’t take offense at that, because the power of intercession, or hospitality is not what is at debate. Prayer when combined with faith is one of the most powerful things one can experience.)

They are embarrassed because we don’t fit their mold.

So why am I embarrassed? Let me tell you why I am the one that is truly embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that people have managed to pull so far away from the model of what Jesus did, and under the name of Christ have managed to create a program that gives logical process to things in life; and most of the time it is giving people an excuse to cope with being a human, instead of awakening the understanding that there is in fact something about each of us that is supernatural. It’s something that Paul understood and laid his life down working to communicate that it is CHRIST IN US, the HOPE of glory. (1st Corinthians 1:19-29)

Where I’m sitting, one of the massive problems is that being human isn’t allowed in the church. Mistakes aren’t allowed, and when people spot them, they have the tendency to completely shut down the entire thing. So instead of bringing correction, they shut down men and God in one quick swoop. I’m embarrassed when I visit a church that sees the power of God moving, gets alarmed, and then has the audacity to call it demonic. Timothy reminds us that in the last days perilous times will come and that men and women will have a form of godliness but deny its power. And from such people turn away! (2nd Timothy 3:1-7)

I love the church. I’m not writing this to make anyone feel bad or to make anyone feel less than, but if you have read this and you are questioning systematic Christianity that seems to have everything calculated and formulated into a nice shiny packaged set of rules, then mission accomplished. I’m not sorry if this causes a little unrest in your business as usual, and as far as I am concerned, I pray it does. You can not serve the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and deny His power. I pray that people would begin to come out of their self-helping-feel-good coma and awaken to the fact that something supernatural and eternal has taken place on the inside of themselves when they asked Jesus into their life. In this vapor of a moment that we have to live, you have the potential to shape all of history and to shake this rock on which we all live if you but only let the power of God into your life and release it. You can’t impart and release what you don’t have. (I’ll save that thought for another time.)

Some people are afraid of the power of God coming into their church or into their lives, but I am more concerned with what happens if they never have an opportunity to see the power of God move. The words of my professor ring as loud and clear today as they did 5 years ago, and now it’s personal. “If the power of God can not be released through your life, you have nothing.”


~ by cotysloan on April 5, 2011.

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