Without Love I Have Nothing

After a wonderful breakfast yesterday with my friends Michael & Lillian Tyrrell, I found myself renewed yet again to the thought of what is it that we are saving people into when they receive Christ.

My salvation story is one of a young man trapped by religion. That relentless monster that feeds on stagnancy, ritual, and methods; nearly consumed me; and then God. In the clearest voice when I was 19 years old, God whispered in my ear “you’re going to go there,” while I was watching someones home video of a worship set from their bible school. He told me it was time to move, and my tentative heart that was very unfamiliar with hearing God’s voice, obeyed. With that move, I came into a place of beginning to discover the Lord for what felt like the first time.

Now while I know we are not saving people to an organization, it was God’s design that we come into a place of communion with fellow believers, as Jesus literally and effectively called us, “brothers and sisters.” In the first century, there are accounts of pagans being able to identify who Christian’s were, simply because of their “extraordinary love” for one another.

My heart is for evangelism and for seeing the lost come to know Jesus. However, “the lost” can refer to Christians as much as it can those who don’t yet know him. In a very real way my heart is concerned and bent on seeing the body of Christ become what we have been called to be, the light of the world. I don’t want to see people enslaved to a monster where they spend their lives feeding obligations and rituals, working to earn their approval from God and man, and never being “enough.” It is impossible for religion to satisfy the desires of the soul.

And it is also impossible to truly be a Christian without love.

Let’s start a revolution in our lives and in our churches, in our communities and in our families; where the principle and standard we begin to apply to ourselves earnestly seeks the true love of God to be in all that we say, all that we do, and all that we are. From the mundane things, to the butting heads, the caring for one another, the serving of people, the laying down of our lives for each other. How will we ever understand the Kingdom if we have not love?

The apostle John put it best when he wrote, “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1st John 4:8)

Let’s learn to love, and change the face and the stigma of what a Christian really looks like. Jesus is the standard, and no other.

I leave you with the lyrics to a new song by Sara Groves that has been inspiring and challenging my heart. It’s called ‘Without Love.’

You can rise in the halls of power
You can speak to the masses
You can heal their disease
You can stand as the man of the hour
You can bring them to their feet
You can bring them to their knees

Without love I have not
Without love, without love

You can fall on the blade of the martyr
You can give all your possessions to the poor
You can tell all you’ve seen of the future
Predict every famine every war

Without love I have not
Without love, without love

Love always protects, love always trusts,
Love always hopes the best for us
Love is slow to anger, love isn’t proud
Love never fails us, love will never fails us

Without love I am nothing
Without love I am nothing
Without love I am nothing at all

ps. I HIGHLY recommend getting Sara Groves new album, she is one of my favorite songwriters and love her ability to communicate and bring hope through her music. Click on the image above and it will direct you to iTunes where you can download it.


~ by cotysloan on October 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “Without Love I Have Nothing”

  1. OK, this is my official new favorite Coty post. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. It’s such a good reminder WHY we should be doing what we do. Who cares what we do if the “why” is lost. LOVE. That’s always the why. At least it should be.

    Also, the lyrics to that Sara Groves song are downright incredible. I can’t wait to hear the album!

  2. […] putting off writing this blog, yeah that’s what I do, the blog Without Love I have Nothing by Coty Sloan and the song Without Love by Sara Grove come across my little sectionof the […]

  3. well said. i’m trying to live this out and encourage others to do the same.

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