Life’s Unexpected Turns


Life is full of surprises. Little did I know that my journey would be marked with twists and turns leading me on what at times seems like a wild goose chase, yet, once revealed, shows a beautiful picture of what trust in God can and will produce.

Earlier this year, I began to outline the idea of doing a tour to Ireland with my great friends Brian & Ramey Whalen. After having successfully accomplished last year’s task of taking a small tour group to the Emerald Isle; seed was sown on a dream and my expanding imagination began to take over. In the past, this has produced many things, some successful, some not so much. A more recent failure was my note card business, (which I still dream about reviving from time to time.) But, with this travel business, it was different. This time around, there was the weight of destiny hovering over my business venture, so I began to dream a dream that had laid dormant in my heart, only to be awakened now in the year two thousand and twelve.

Pursuing a dream takes a lot of courage, something I realized over the past few years. It’s never an easy road, and it is often lined and shadowed with doubts. So, going into the design of this large tour, I soon discovered that I was well equipped for the task at hand, even though my better judgment would suggest that I was most certainly doomed to have areas of major lack. But when that cloud of suspicion was lifted, I found that His grace was made sufficient for me to excel in areas where I was weak.

Many who know me well consider me to be a rather organized person, (something not so typical for a creative, right-brained musician,) but organizing and executing a trip for upwards of forty people isn’t something I looked at and said, “chalk one in the strength column.” But, when the road took a turn, I met the challenge, and forged ahead finding grace waiting for me just around the bend. Then there was the dreaded budget. I will be honest and say, this has certainly been one of my biggest weaknesses. My mother was very good with finances but, that clearly did not rub off on me; and some people have no idea the stress that can come from dealing with a large budget. But, again, when the challenge was before me, not only did I handle it with ease; I found these things beginning to transpire and change my day to day life. And I know now more than ever, that this is His perfect design.

So many things in my life have been unexpected, and when it has taken every ounce of frail trust that I possessed to turn the corner, the very best things in my life were waiting there for me. With those turns come new chapters, new testimonies, and new chances to see His glory manifest in our lives. Trust and obey.


ps. I am happy to report that our trip is nearly full, and you can see all that the Lord has done with my new business, Sloan Travel Co. Our group of 38 people traveling to Ireland, including my good friends Ray & Denise Hughes, leave for Ireland on September 1, 2012.


~ by cotysloan on August 20, 2012.

One Response to “Life’s Unexpected Turns”

  1. Hi Coty! How nice to get this post! I pray our Lord’s richest blessings on this twenty seventy year! It sounds like it promises to be an exciting one. Just keep on trusting the Father for His Favor and Perfect Will, Coty and you won’t get stressed or overwhelmed.

    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, Coty. Please keep me on your mailing list, keeping me updated.


    King Marti 🙂

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