Trust & Obey


Well, it is January 21st, and after a somewhat less than flawless trip down from the tundra of Minnesota to the tropics of Texas, one small part of my transition is complete, but it is not over.

Transition, in anything, can be complex. It is something that is worked out day-by-day over a period of time, until finally, without warning, your season and subsequently your transition is complete. Until that moment arrives, you must continue to do two things and two things only; trust and obey.

Trusting God in the moment with the frailty of the future, and obeying his voice in the quietest of moments, can be even harder and often more challenging than having made your initial decision to begin to move or make a transition in the first place. And while few understand the magnitude of your initial decision, even fewer may understand what will follow. In the days, weeks, and months ahead, the working out and preparation of every good thing your future seasons holds, will begin and often hinge on your willingness to trust and obey.

Trust the dream.

He spoke something to my heart and now I am responsible for it. God spoke and revealed works and wisdom concerning my future days, and those works have caused me to change the course of my life. Now, I stand in a place of trusting those futuristic things spoken within my heart, and believing the dreams now beating, alive within it’s walls. The dream is more tender and seemingly frail now, than ever before. Every ounce of doubt will have to be drawn out of me, like poison from a wound, lest the dream be threatened, choked out, and eventually fade away. I must trust Him with the dream, leaving my hands open. When all the tendons in my wrists strain to grip tightly around these things that have yet to come to pass, I must remain open. Wide open. I must trust Him.

Obeying the dreamer.

No one wants these dreams to come to pass more than Him. Regardless of how badly I want to see the fullness of my destiny come to the surface; He wants to see it more. So amongst the noise inside my head, I have to quiet myself and simply obey even the smallest of leadings. Remain yielded, that is the goal. When you feel the urge to run, slow down. When you want to start yelling, quiet yourself. Unless He says run, or He says shout, I must remain obedient, because now is not the time for missteps. All of this rides on Him, but still the responsibility now also rests with me, since the season and path that my feet now approach, have been lit a little bit further than before. I don’t yet know all that will be required of me, but I know that I am willing to remain obedient to the transition even when it doesn’t make perfect sense. He’s the ultimate dreamer and the way He works is perfect when I remain the mold-able and yielded vessel that moves at the sound and gentle leading of His voice.

There is a whole lot of uncertainty that comes with the decision to trust and obey God. The contents of this blog are certainly the weighty side of things; there are many joys that come with it as well, but this is where my thoughts are as of late. There are times where it is easier than this, and I’m sure there are complexities today that will reduce themselves to simplicities in the near future, but in the meantime, you make the choice daily to move forward. The easiest way I know how to walk that out, isn’t always easy, but if I can simply trust the dream and obey the dreamer I know that my season of transition will come to an end, and I will be ever closer to walking in the fullness of what God has for me than ever before; and as a result, my life will be richer because of the process.


~ by cotysloan on January 21, 2013.

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