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Some look upon the sun. As it rises behind the mountains or sets along the sea, stopping the sands of time.

Some hold it in a flower. Petals filled by brilliant colors and a scent with something that brightens the eyes.

Some say it’s held in a smile. The way they looked and ever so slightly grinned, and somehow said a thousand words without an ounce of sound.

Some hold it in their arms. A lover, a child, a parent, a friend. It’s something tangible, a hug to hold, and a cherished goodbye.

Some fly to the places unknown. The fuel of discovery that turns the imagined into reality. Breathing, seeing, and walking through a place that needed proof of it’s existence.

Some read it in books. A desire to fill volumes in the mind, with something of unique wisdom, legacies lived out before our time, and triumphs that are now shared through the ages of men.

Some find it in the past. The places they have been, people they have met, the joys that marked their minds forever, and the pains that left their scars there as well.

Some see it in the future. The hope of what is unseen. The imagined outcome that doesn’t yet exist, the days beyond that that are yet to be lived, and the memories that are waiting, still waiting to made.

It’s a mystery how inspiration is found or how inspiration can be missed.

But I choose to find it now.

In a man who was slain before the foundations of the world and in my life has given every good and perfect gift. He is the sun, the mountains, the flowers, and the sea. Gave me a smile, and friendships to cherish. The opportunity to see His creation around the world, and the ability to feel the impact of history. He is the hope for my future, and the shining star of my past. He is everything I have ever wanted, and the only thing I have truly ever had. For in all of the small things, He was there, remains here now, and will always be. How could I walk in a moment not being inspired by the Life that was laid down so that I might live now, and share eternity with Him?

My inspiration is Him, my inspiration is now.



Six Words, Seven Years, & Eight Days

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It’s so easy to look back on the years I’ve lived out and think, “Who would have thought?” Have you ever done that? Just sat and looked back on what has been and think to yourself, “Wow.”

As I started to write this I realized that it was seven years ago, very close to today, when I left the state of Michigan on a venture of blind trust, otherwise known as faith. With six words whispered in my ear, I said “ok.” Having not really discovered how to hear the voice of God for myself yet, something happened when He spoke to me for the first time. I heard Him speak to me as clear as day, and that word settled in to my heart, and off to Texas I went.

Mind you, I was very content staying at my home church, in my hometown, and serving there diligently but, God had a different plan. His plan was seemingly so far-fetched, that if you had told me ahead of time what was to come, I certainly would have considered you amongst the best of liars. Thankfully for me, I said “ok,” to whatever may come on the road ahead. Both good and bad, what has come over the last seven years I would not trade for a do-over.

Now, as I approach another pivotal moment in my life in just eight days, I stop to give thanks. Thanks for the God who pulled me into His marvelous light, by ripping off the dampening blinders of religion. Thanks for the adventures He’s taken me on, ones that I never thought I might have the opportunity to do. Thanks for teaching me what strength looks like in the midst of hardship. Thanks for allowing me to feel the soaring highs and feel the blow of a low; that not only His name might be glorified through all things, but that I might come out changed with a token of His wisdom and revelation to wear proudly as I continue on my journey. Thanks for the simplicity and complexity of who He is, and that I have come to appreciate both.

What’s happening in eight days? Well, I leave for Ireland again. Although this is my second trip it is my first time as a tour guide for my newly formed business, Sloan Travel Co. (pause for excitement) I look back a year ago and remember so much happening during my first trip, that I can’t even begin to imagine how this one will be different, yet equally spectacular. Going to a place where the move of His hand is so visible in the hills and mountains, and the wind of His spirit blows from the ocean side; it’s a place of unmatched beauty, and a place where creation thrives on showing off for the Creator God.

With six words I went, in seven years I have experienced so much, and in eight days His story-line in me will begin to expand, yet again, into another beautiful chapter. Who would have thought that a God so magnificent would have taken so much time to write a beautiful story for my life. I’m so thankful.


The Holy Spirit Isn’t Weird, So Why Are You?

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Over the past few months I have been contemplating an issue wondering how best to address it. What is the issue? I wonder why is it that people feel the need to give into the weirdness of the flesh rather than the genuine move of Holy Spirit? So, here is my best shot at dissecting something rather complex, kinda like that frog in 7th grade. What or where is the quadratojugal bone anyway? Ok, I digress.

I have been around the charismatic/prophetic movement for about seven years now. Having traveled all over the U.S. visiting churches of various denominations, I have been exposed to a lot, and yes even some things that were truly God freaked me out at one point. One thing I know without doubt, is that when the Lord is truly welcome into a gathering of people, amazing things really do happen, and even though the things that may happen are sometimes a little different than what most would expect or anticipate, God comes where He is welcome.

Sometimes a Spirit of truth and worship comes so strong that people feel the need to get prostrate on the floor in adoration because the sense the nearness of the King of all Kings becomes so heavy. Some people begin to shake from the Power of God entering the room, and then resting on and moving through people. Some pray in the tongues as the Spirit gives them utterance. Now while this may be common place for some, it is very foreign to others, but it is a beautiful and sometimes unexpected thing when God has complete and free reign in a place, to come and move how He sees fit to move.

I want to use this one example as a premise for what I am getting at here. Even more foreign to some, could be the fact that people begin laughing in the Spirit because of an overwhelming presence of joy that overcame them. I have seen this happen genuinely, and I myself have had this happen on very rare occasions. I know the Lord can come and move like that on someone in that way, but what I have been bothered by is people who take these attributes of the Spirit and apply them to every meeting where they are around people. I have been in meetings where there were a few people who literally laughed together for long periods of time, and not just in one meeting, but in one after the other, after the other, after the other. While this would annoy me, and eventually make me angry, I have come to an important realization.

People are truly and genuinely hungry to have the Holy Spirit show up in a meeting. People desire to have the Holy Spirit come and move in power as He did once before in their lives, but all too often that hunger and zeal turns into an attempt to replicate what was once genuine and in the process we find people representing an inaccurate and sometimes damaging view of who the Holy Spirit truly is. It ends up being a representation that makes people very skeptical and freaked out by what they see. (Don’t get me wrong, a large portion of the church would be freaked out by a genuine move of God’s power anyway, but this is different.)

When Jesus was preparing His followers for His departure in John 14:16-18, Jesus made us a promise, “… I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you forever. The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive, because it does not see Him or know and recognize Him. But you know and recognize Him, for He lives with you [constantly] and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come [back] to you.” Here in John, Jesus promised us a comforter. In other scriptures it talks about many different attributes of who the Holy Spirit is, but one of them is comforter. A helper. An advocate. A friend to stand beside us and strengthen us!

I encourage you today to seek truth. The Holy Spirit is many things, and not just a part of God that really enjoys being weird and freaking people out. That is not the goal of the Holy Spirit, so don’t make that your goal when He comes to meet you. If you truly yield yourself to Him, unexpected things will happen, but that’s simply a part of the journey of discovering God. If it is our heart’s true desire is to reflect Him with excellence, we must purpose our hearts to reflect him unfiltered by our idea of what we think needs to shine through. Remaining and continuing to bring ourselves to a place of being a truly open vessel, that is the goal. That He might be able to use for His glorious purposes on the earth and as beacons of light in a world that’s getting all too dim.


Without The Power, You Have Nothing

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It was a quote that a professor at Christ For The Nations Institute once said during class, and a form of it has stuck with me ever since. He said something to the effect of, “If the power of God can not be released in your church, you have nothing.” A light bulb went off on the inside of me that only added fuel to the fire and passion on the inside of me to see the church become a vessel that the Lord might use to demonstrate His power, His love, and His glory to the world.

Let me tell you a few things about myself that pertains to what I want to talk about. 1. I have an immense love for the church in America. It’s a love that doesn’t make logical sense which means that it’s spiritual, but I really love the body of Christ. 2. A large part of my life will be spent serving the body of Christ. Although I can’t give you the 10 year plan of how that looks, I know it’s true. 3. I am completely and utterly embarrassed by the state that the majority of the church in America is in. There we go, now that that’s been said, allow me to continue.

Perplexity is flaring up again at the thought of a church that serves a God who has no power. I’m sitting at my desk writing and as I’m doing so I am going back through the history of churches I have had the opportunity to worship and and play music in over the past six years. They are Christian churches all over the United States, some new, some old, some large, and some very small, all different types of denominations; but I have loved each one. I have loved them differently I’ll admit, but there was still a love in my heart for each and every one.

Currently, I am part of a ministry called Firestarters that is a very artistic, creative, and sometimes misunderstood. While some don’t understand us, others have a deep love for us, but one thing I value is, that despite our flaws we do our best to make sure there is always room for the Holy Spirit to come and move in power. Now, because of this there are certain people who are embarrassed by us and by how we do things. We believe in prophecy that encourages and provides people with hope and we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit that comes with the evidence of a prayer language that not only strengthens the spirit man but changes the atmosphere.

We play spontaneous songs in worship that have the potential to supernaturally speak more life to a person than a 1,000 self help books could ever hope to accomplish because the Holy Spirit saturates the sound. We have the understanding that Jesus is still healing people of every type of illness and disease. He did more than provide a person with the encouragement to keep taking what the doctor prescribed and put their name on the prayer chain, and send a “thinking of you” card. So why shouldn’t we? (Don’t take offense at that, because the power of intercession, or hospitality is not what is at debate. Prayer when combined with faith is one of the most powerful things one can experience.)

They are embarrassed because we don’t fit their mold.

So why am I embarrassed? Let me tell you why I am the one that is truly embarrassed. I’m embarrassed that people have managed to pull so far away from the model of what Jesus did, and under the name of Christ have managed to create a program that gives logical process to things in life; and most of the time it is giving people an excuse to cope with being a human, instead of awakening the understanding that there is in fact something about each of us that is supernatural. It’s something that Paul understood and laid his life down working to communicate that it is CHRIST IN US, the HOPE of glory. (1st Corinthians 1:19-29)

Where I’m sitting, one of the massive problems is that being human isn’t allowed in the church. Mistakes aren’t allowed, and when people spot them, they have the tendency to completely shut down the entire thing. So instead of bringing correction, they shut down men and God in one quick swoop. I’m embarrassed when I visit a church that sees the power of God moving, gets alarmed, and then has the audacity to call it demonic. Timothy reminds us that in the last days perilous times will come and that men and women will have a form of godliness but deny its power. And from such people turn away! (2nd Timothy 3:1-7)

I love the church. I’m not writing this to make anyone feel bad or to make anyone feel less than, but if you have read this and you are questioning systematic Christianity that seems to have everything calculated and formulated into a nice shiny packaged set of rules, then mission accomplished. I’m not sorry if this causes a little unrest in your business as usual, and as far as I am concerned, I pray it does. You can not serve the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and deny His power. I pray that people would begin to come out of their self-helping-feel-good coma and awaken to the fact that something supernatural and eternal has taken place on the inside of themselves when they asked Jesus into their life. In this vapor of a moment that we have to live, you have the potential to shape all of history and to shake this rock on which we all live if you but only let the power of God into your life and release it. You can’t impart and release what you don’t have. (I’ll save that thought for another time.)

Some people are afraid of the power of God coming into their church or into their lives, but I am more concerned with what happens if they never have an opportunity to see the power of God move. The words of my professor ring as loud and clear today as they did 5 years ago, and now it’s personal. “If the power of God can not be released through your life, you have nothing.”

The Tailored Shirts

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Something has happened recently that has gotten me thinking. Over the past few months, I have had a flood of new ideas come to me. Some in deep thought, some from watching something or listening to something, daydreaming, ideas from other people, but all of them have been something new and fresh, but not all have worked out like I had hoped. And through talking with a friend on Facebook tonight I have begun to re-realize the simple truth that not every idea is a tailored one.

This is one of those lessons in life that I knew in my head but had to walk through to gain something from it. The tailored ideas that happen in your life, you know, the ones that feel as though something eternal and spontaneous have collided and not only does it create something beautiful but it fits you like a tailored button up shirt, and feels just right. I have been fortunate to know that feeling on a few occasions in my life, and I say fortunate because I know some people who have waited their entire lives on earth for the desires in their heart to come to fruition and fulfillment. It has happened a few times for me and I have reason to believe that it’s happening again.

Over the last few months I have taken on quite a few different projects. One was, the starting of a unique note card business, another was to establish a fact-based political website, on top of a slew of numerous little ventures and ideas. Let me make one thing clear, I actually believe it is healthy to dream and to pursue ideas; but equally healthy is understanding that not all of them are meant to be chased. Do I regret going after any of them? I don’t know about that, maybe one or two, but really only regret knowing that I might have saved some time and energy if I could have found my peace in the Lord and held onto trusting Him.

There are certain ideas and opportunities you will encounter in your life. Some of these things will turn out to be bad ideas, and some will be good, and then a very select few will be perfect. It’s incredible when an idea or thought comes into contact with your desires, dreams, and DNA and then creates life. When it’s something tailored, and not just another baggy imitation shirt, it’s more than just incredible, it’s supernatural.

If the baggy shirt doesn’t fit, just get rid of it. It’s ok to fail! I don’t enjoy failing or being wrong any more than the next person, but it’s going to happen, and it really is ok. I FAILED! I MESSED UP! Maybe it’ll help you just to say it out loud and get it over with. My regret doesn’t lie within pursuing some things that didn’t work out, it lies within the fact that somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost my peace in the process.

Now, many of you know that I have a deep love for Ireland. Well recently I got into what I didn’t know would be a divine conversation with some friends, and an idea was given to me by someone else speaking something. The moment the idea left her mouth, it sank into my heart and my head and I haven’t been able to shake it. “You should take people to Ireland. You have such an infectious passion for that place, I know people would want to experience it.” So now I am acting on it. It’s one of those rare occasions where the beginning of something great has begun. I certainly won’t sit here, write, and pretend to know all that it entails or encompasses, but I know it starts with a trip.

So, come September 1st. 2011, I will be off to Ireland for my second time, and this time I am leading a tour to the Emerald Isle called ‘The Wonder Of Creation Tour.” This is more than a vacation, it will be an encounter with the Creator God, and an encounter with pure joy, fun, and refreshing. It will be an opportunity to sow heart-filled worship and prophetic destiny into the soil of a land that has become all too familiar with and plagued by religion. I know that I have a crazy passion to see this happen, a passion that I’ve only felt a couple times in my life, and so I will pursue it knowing that the hand of the Lord is at work.

Wow… I just realized how good it feels to have a tailored shirt on again.
It’s been a while.

For more information on the tour I will be leading and how you can be involved, visit our Facebook page:
The Wonder Of Creation Tour Facebook

Enjoy the promotional video we just finished for the tour.

Falling Slowly: Ceol Nua Episode 2

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When I first heard this song on the movie ‘Once,’ written and performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, I loved it. It’s sweet harmonies and emotion filled lyrics drew me and I’m so happy I got to do this song with my great friend Sarah Baker, who is crazy talented.

Sarah had the perfect styling on guitar and perfect voice to accompany me on this song, and I’m so privileged that she took the time to sit down and have some fun working on it. If there is one thing that I know from this song, is that I love duets and I love songs with real raw emotions. This is the first time I’ve ever really sang a duet for real, and it was so much fun. There is a reason that this song won the Oscar for best original song and why I am sure you will see some songs in the line up for voting on in the future Ceol Nua Experiement.

I hope you all enjoy the song, please feel free to leave your feedback. It always helps to keep me growing and learning as I continue to stretch my voice. Thanks for being part of this episode and for voting. The new voting for Episode 3 will launch on Monday, Feb 14th.

Falling Slowly | Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová

I don’t know you, but I want you
All the more for that
Words fall through me and always fool me
And I can’t react

And games that never amount to more than they’re meant
Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can’t go back
Moods that take me and erase me
And I’m painted black

You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It’s time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ve made it now
Falling slowly sing your melody
I’ll sing it loud

Ceol Nua: Episode 2 Voting

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Time for my second video. For the next few days, you will be able to vote for which song I will be doing and this time it’ll feature my friend Sarah Baker. You can vote every 24 hours! Thanks so much for being a part of this, I have a personal favorite this time around but I’m not going to hint at what it is. This will be interesting. Vote once a day and get your friends involved.